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Welcome to Legendary Nomads

Legendary Nomads travels the globe documenting local skaters on their home turf. Jamison Peil and his crew seek out places to skate and then illuminate them with flying footage, in your face interviews and information on places to eat, sleep and hang. From Burnside to Herman's Hole, no place is to small or too far. Legendary Nomads will find it, film it and share it with the world.


LegendaryNomads Go To Florida

cruise to the edge of the Country with Jamison Peil and the LegendaryNomads as they skate the Skateparks in search of a better snake run then Kona.

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Legendary Nomads Viva Las Vegas

Casinos and strip clubs are what come to mind when thinking of Las Nevada, Follow Jamison Peil and the Legendary Nomads as they make their way through the slots to find their favorite Skatepark in…

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Jamison Peil’s Skatepark tour guide Eugene, OR


Follow Jamison peil as he goes to Eugene, Oregon to skateboard at the WJ skatepark + Urban Plaza, ready to party and eat with the locals? come on lets add Eugene, OR to the Legendary Nomads World Skatepark…

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Legendary Nomads go to Orcas Island


drive onto a ferry with the Legendary Nomads and get off on the edge of Canada and Washington in search of the legendary Orcas Island concrete wave!

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Legendary Nomads Reality Show Ep. 1

Published on Aug 29, 2015

Cruise up the beach to Oregon, with Your host Jamison Peil and the Legendary Nomads in the first episode of this nomadic Reality Show Series! Hang out as they move into the Legendary Compound.

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Legendary Nomads go to New Zealand

Follow jamison Peil and the Legendary Nomads as they explore the North and South Island's of New Zealand in search of their favorite Skatepark!

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legendary nomads go to Los Angeles California

Come check out the skateboard culture in Los Angeles California! follow Jamison Peil and the Legendarynomads as they show you the best food spots and skateparks in LA! 

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legendary nomads go to hawaii


Jamison Peil goes to the big Island of hawaii in search of the perefect concrete wave! watch this and decide if you want to skateboard in hawaii.

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Legendary Nomads go to Saint Louis Missouri


Follow Jamison Peil as he takes you on a legendary tour of his hometown Saint Louis Missouri, If your passing through the midwest watch this epic episode and see if you want to skateboard in the show…

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Legendary Nomads go to Ashland Oregon


Legendary nomads take you to Ashland Oregon on I5 just off the California boarder, Check out this epic skateboard destination especially if your traveling from Canada to California on I5.

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Epically Gnar Portland montage


The Legendary Nomads take you! along with them on a journey through the pacific north west to explore the skateboard culture and the epic food destinations, watch this and decide if you! would like…

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Portland Oregon


Legendary nomads take you on a epically gnar tour of portland oregon's skateboard culture and epic food destinations. Follow Jamison Peil as he travels to America's edge to show you his favorite…

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